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Hamamelis vernalis

'Lombart's Weeping'

Lombart's Weeping Vernal Witchhazel

We were lukewarm on this selection, until we saw a mature specimen at Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle, Washington. Wow! It forms a low growing, semi-pendulous mound with abundant orange-red flowers in mid-winter. May reach 6' with 8-10' or even greater spread with age. Brilliant yellow foliage in the fall. Quite pest free. Full sun to moderate shade. Zone 4-8. Grafted on Hamamelis virginiana or Parrotia persica.

1 gallon, 18-24" tall $42.00

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Juniperus communis


Horstmann's Weeping Common Juniper

A heavy weeper and great care-free tree.  A trivia note:  The oil distilled from its cones/berries is used for medicinal and flavoring purposes.  Most notably in gin!  Adapts well to poor soil conditions, in fact don't over water it.  The species trees are found growing in dry, alkaline or acid soil, rock outcroppings, and waste lands.  Also withstands windy sites.  Does not do well in deep south, but grows well here in the mountains of NC (zone 6b).  Another amazing trivia fact, it has a wider native habitat than any other tree or shrub!  In 10 years, expect tree size to be 8' x 10' but staking is required otherwise it is a ground cover.   Full sun.  Very hardy in the cold northern climates, zones 2-6(7). Propagated by rooted cuttings.

1 gallon, 12-18" tall


Not avail
2 gallon, 18-24" tall $65.00
3 gallon, 24-36" tall $100.00
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Juniperus pingii

Pingii Juniper


A juniper from China with graceful weeping branches.  Somewhat rare in the trade.  Maxes out at 20 feet tall.  In 10 years expect a 10' x 6' tree.  As opposed to the common juniper, this one is much more limited in growing range: Zone 6-7.  Site in full sun. Propagated by rooted cuttings.

1 gallon $40.00
2 gallon $80.00
3 gallon $100.00
No picture available

Juniperus rigida


Weeping Temple Juniper

Habit of this juniper is somewhat open, with a central leader, secondary branches cascade down then turn back up, and weeping tertiary branchlets.  Needles are silver/blue.  'Pendula' is actually very similar in form to the species tree.  Needles are less prickly than the common juniper.  A somewhat vigorous tree, the JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh, NC lists their tree as growing 3 feet a year. Ultimate height around 20'.  Expect size in 10 years to be 8' x 6'.  As opposed to the common juniper, this one is much more limited in growing range: Zone 6-7.  Site in full sun. Propagated by rooted cuttings.

2 gallon $55.00 avail fall 2011
3 gallon $100.00


foliage close up

Nyssa sylvatica

'Autumn Cascades'

Autumn Cascades Weeping Black Gum

This outstanding plant has a strongly weeping habit with exceptional large, shiny dark green leaves during the growing season.  The red/orange fall color, which this species is known for, is nothing short of brilliant. It was discovered as a chance seedling in Australia by Arnold Teese, owner of Yamina Rare Plants, and introduced in the United States by Dick Jaynes of Broken Arrow Nursery.  Vigorous grower, especially in youth. Ultimate height unknown, but could reach 50’ with 30’ spread with considerable age. Pest resistant. Grafted on N. sylvatica seedlings.  Zone 4-9.

3 gallon, 18-24" tall $60.00

Not Avail

growth habitflower close up

Parrotia persica

'Pendula' (Kew Form)

 Weeping Persian Ironwood

Not to be confused with the inferior ‘west coast’ form often offered in the trade, this is the superior form found in England at Kew Gardens and Hillier Arboretum. We collected scions at Hillier Arboretum in February, 2002, and now offer this distinct, graceful, weeping form of Persian Ironwood. It will reach 8-10' with 10-12' spread in 30 or more years. Outstanding bark and fall color similar to species. Zones 5-8. Rooted cuttings or grafted on P. persica or Hamamelis virginiana.  This is a highly sought-after tree and usually in low supply, so send me an email to get your name on the waiting list.

1 gallon, 12-18" tall $47.00 Plants in limited supply. Email us to get on waiting list.
Growth habit

Pinus strobus


Weeping White Pine

This is a graceful, pendulous selection of our native White Pine. It remains well mannered in the landscape with year-round interest. Long, blue-green needles. Each form we've seen seems to be a different from the other; each a personality of it's own. We don't really know the mature height, but most likely around 15-20' with considerable age. Zones 3-8. Grafted on P. strobus seedlings.

1 gallon, 12-18" tall $47.00

leaf close up

Podocarpus totara


Weeping Totara

Relative of Chinese Podocarpus, the Totara is a native of New Zealand.  It is larger than the podocarpus and more robust with yew-like needles that are yellow-green, up to an inch long, and sharply spined. This weeping plant has no central leader and is wide-spreading.  As for growth rate, a 10-year old plant was listed as 11' high x 13' wide in a New Zealand catalog.  A plant for the south, hardy in zones 7-9.

The following is a description of the species Podocarpus totara retrieved from

"The bark peels off in papery flakes, with a purplish to golden brown hue. The wood is very resistant to rot. Due to its durability, Totara tree wood was often used for fence posts and floor pilings. It is also prized for its carving properties, and was the primary wood used in Maori carving."

1 gallon, 10-12" tall $42.00 Not avail
flower close up

Prunus incisa


Weeping Fuji Cherry

This is a strongly weeping form of Fuji Cherry which is quite popular in Japan. It remains a small tree; perhaps reaching 15' with age with abundant small white flowers in the spring. One of the best attributes; however, is the autumn display of orange, red, and yellow. Excellent 4-season plant for small areas. Zones 5-8. Rooted cutting.

1 gallon, 12-18" tall $42.00 Not avail
flower close upflower

Prunus subhirtella var. pendula

Weeping Higan Cherry

The form we offer here is propagated from our neighbor's full grown tree; We think it is the best we've ever seen for flower color and abundance. The double flowers are a deep pink and emerge in early April about 2 weeks after the Prunus incisa. The habit is strongly pendulous. It will reach 25' with a 20' spread with age. Zones 5-9. Rooted cuttings, not top grafted as typically seen most landscapes.

1 gallon, 18-24" tall $37.00 Not avail
landscape setting 

Prunus x ‘Snow Fountain’

Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry

Semi-weeping form, although these pictures show it as a fairly strong weeper, that will grow to about 6' - 12' high and as wide at maturity.  Foliage is dark green and turns lovely gold and orange hues in fall.  The white flowers come out in the spring before the foliage and hang below the branches similar to the Jacktree as pictured below.  Zones 3-6.  Rooted cuttings.

1 gallon, 12-18" tall $42.00
landscape settingflower close-up

Sinojackia xylocarpa

'Linda Carol'

Linda Carol Weeping Jacktree

This new, pendulous form of the still uncommon Jacktree was selected at Highland Creek Nursery as a chance seedling in 1998 and named after the owner’s beautiful, patient, tolerant, exceptional wife. In addition to the strongly weeping habit, the extraordinary white flowers and furrowed bark add to it’s year round appeal. The ultimate height is unknown but most likely around 8-12' with slightly less spread. Plants thrive in full sun. Yellow fall color. Content in zones 6-8. Propagated by rooted cuttings or grafted on s. xylocarpa.

1 gallon, 12-18" tall $42.00 Not avail
branch structuremature tree

Styphnolobium japonicum

(formerly Sophora japonica)


Weeping Chinese Scholar Tree

We found this form in Japan at the Kyoto Botanical Gardens and is commonly seen at many Japanese temples. Unlike the weeping form usually offered here in the U.S.; this selection flowers heavily. The large, showy white flowers appear in mid-summer. It is a vigorous, fast grower to around 15-20' height and 10-15' spread. Yellow fall color. Zone 4-7. Grafted on S. japonica seedlings.  This is a highly sought-after tree and usually in low supply, so send me an email to get your name on the waiting list.

1 gallon, 12-18" tall $47.00 Add your name to the waiting list

mature sizeleaf close up

Styrax japonicus


Carillon Japanese Snowbell

This strongly weeping form has darker green foliage than the species. White bell shaped flowers appear in abundance in May to June. Generally listed in texts as reaching 8-10’; but we have seen what we believe to be the original plant in Japan, and it was every bit of 25’ with 20” diameter trunk at roughly 70 years old. Yellow fall color. Full sun or partial shade. Zone 5-8. Propagated by rooted cuttings.

1 gallon, 12-18" tall $42.00 Not available
one-gallon sizeflower close-up

 Syringa pubescens var. julianaea


Her's Weeping Lilac

This large shrub offers small, blue-green leaves on a graceful, arching plant reaching perhaps 8' with comparable spread. The dainty, lavender flowers appear in  abundance in early summer, and are quite fragrant. The Hillier Manual of Trees & Shrubs states that S. pubescens var. julianaea is  "a choice shrub of free flowering habit. Ideal for a small garden". Zone 3-7. Propagated by rooted cuttings.

1 gallon, 18-24" $42.00 Not avail
growth habitneedle close-up

Taxodium distichum

'Cascade Falls' PPAF

Cascade Falls Weeping Baldcypress

Originating in New Zealand, it comes to us from Stanley & Sons Nursery.  Extremely strong weeper with needles emerging bright green and darkening as they mature.  In addition to the pendulous habit; the interesting, furrowed bark, and the yellow-gold fall color add to the year round interest.  Enjoys full sun and moist locations.  Great plant!  A fast grower to about 20' high, if you can stake it that high, with equal or greater spread. Makes a great ground cover or accent draped over a wall or rockery. Grafted on Taxodium distichum seedlings.  Zone 4-10.  Propagation of this tree is restricted to those registered, a patent royalty of $1 has been added to the purchase price.

2 gallon, 18-24" tall $60.00 Not avail
3 gallon, 24-36" tall $90.00

Taxodium distichum

'Falling Waters'

Falling Waters Weeping Baldcypress

Falling Waters is an outstanding new selection from Don Shadow. Considered a strong weeper, the graceful, arching branches fall away from the leader in a more refined way than Cascade Falls.  In addition to the pendulous habit; the interesting, furrowed bark, and the yellow-gold fall color add to the year round interest.  Enjoys full sun and moist locations.  Antoher great plant!  A fast grower to about 20' high, if you can stake it that high, with equal or greater spread. Makes a great ground cover or accent draped over a wall or rockery. Grafted on Taxodium distichum seedlings.  Zone 4-10. 

1 gallon, 12-18" tall $42.00
landscape settingleaf close up

Tilia cordata

'Pendula Nana'

Weeping Littleleaf Linden

An exceptionally elegant plant with delicate leaves that cascade from the branches.  Our only plant that is both semi-dwarf and a weeper, it was introduced by Girard Nursery in Ohio, also home to the Girard's line of azaleas and the Girard's Rainbow Leucothoe.  It forms a rounded, compact shrub reaching 6' with a slightly smaller spread, but a slow grower.  The dark green foliage turns yellow in the fall.  Full sun to moderate shade.  Grafted on Tilia cordata seedlings.  Zones 4-7.

1 gallon, 6-8" tall $42.00


Thuja occidentalis


Weeping American Arborvitae

A graceful, weeping, yet somewhat open form of arborvitae. The branches arch out from the trunk and have long green branchlets that drop down from the branches. Developed in England around 1862 at the Standish Nursery. Considered "a first class plant for accent use" according to Dr. Michael Dirr, Manual of Woody Landscape Plants. Gets close to 15' tall, but requires staking. Without staking, it makes an evergreen groundcover capable of cascading down a wall or over a large rock. Requires full sun, does not tolerate shade.    Zones 3-7, does not handle heat until very well established, but is cold-hardy and tolerates temperatures down to -40 degrees.

1 gallon, 6-8" tall $42.00 Not avail
one gal sizemature size

Tsuga canadensis

'Cole's Prostrate'

Cole's Prostrate Weeping Canadian Hemlock

A heavy weeper, this selection has the characteristic of 'showing its knees'.  Compare this picture with the 'Pendula' and compare the base of the branches.  Cole's Prostrate is a tree with a little more open and structural look.  They are shipped unstaked, but can be staked to any height which actually increases it's growth rate.  However, you can achieve an entirely different look by leaving it unstaked and it will weep right over walls and rocks. Collected by H.R. Cole in 1929 at Mt. Madison, Coos County Nursery, New Hampshire.  Likes partial shade best, but can do well in full sun.  Zone 3-6(7). Propagated by rooted cuttings.

1 gallon, well branched $55.00
2 gallon sold out
3 gallon sold out

Growth habit

Tsuga canadensis


 Weeping Canadian Hemlock

This pendulous form of hemlock is both graceful and elegant. It seems quite at home in any garden; either as a specimen or in a rock garden. Hillier states that a 40 year old plant was roughly 6' tall with a 20' spread.  Site the tree in full sun or partial shade.  Zone 4-6(7). Propagated by rooted cuttings.

1 gallon, 6-12" tall $50.00 Not avail
3 gallon, 12-18" tall $100.00

original tree at JCRA

Ulmus alata

'Lace Parasol'

Lace Parasol Weeping Winged Elm

Twisting, arching branches with corky, winged bark make this unique selection a focal point in the winter landscape. It reminds one of a mature Acer palmatum dissectum but with the addition of highly ornamental bark. Found by a North Carolina nurseryman growing in the woods; it was transplanted to his yard where it lived until his death. His estate contacted the late JC Raulston, who moved it in 1992 to the North Carolina State Arboretum (since renamed the JC Raulston Arboretum) in Raleigh. It is now over 50 years old and stands 10’ tall with 10’ spread. Full sun or light shade. Yellow fall color. Content in zones 6-9. Grafted on U. alata or U. parvifolia.

**Elms cannot be shipped into Oregon**

1 gallon, 18-24" tall $42.00 Not Avail

growth habit

Ulmus glabra

'Camperdownii'  (Kew Form)

Camperdown Weeping Scotch Elm

This plant was discovered on the grounds at Camperdown House, Dundee, Scotland in the early 1900's as a chance seedling.  It has a strongly pendulous habit reaching perhaps 15' with a 15-20' spread.  Fall color is a good yellow.  Grafted on Ulmus glabra seedlings.  This is the Kew Form (from Kew Gardens in England) which is a better weeper and extremely hard to find in the trade. Zone 4-7(8).

**Elms cannot be shipped into Oregon**


1 gallon, 12-18" tall $55.00
3 gallon, 24-36" tall $100.00

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